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Defakto is an independent design-thinking watchbrand existing since 2009. Aiming to find the perfect symbiosys between form and function, Defakto produces high quality, german made watches for minimalists and design-enthusiasts. Defakto is produced within its own manufactory and sells directly via this website to offer german made high quality watches ex work at a good price-performance. Our collection exists of puristic design one-hand, two-hand and three-hand watches. All watches are available in several material or surface executions. Your special wish for further customization is always welcome.



Defakto watchcases are manufactured within our family-owned manufactory Ickler GmbH in Pforzheim, Germany. Our 90 year experience in building watches goes back to Karl Ickler who has founded the company to create precision timepieces in 1924. Today every step from communication, design, construction and assembling is done by the designer and owner Raphael Ickler personally. If any question or suggestion appears do not hesitate to open contact by telephone or via mail to . Thank you for your interesst - enjoy browsing the Defakto Watches collection.











The Defakto Watches Collection.    


All our watchcases are manufactured with stainless steel 316L or CuSn8 bronze. The black coating some models offer are made with highly resistant PVD. Our built in watch movements are Swiss made (ETA 2824, Ronda 712, Ronda 6004.D) or Made in Japan (Miyota 9015) and known for their reliability. All watches are designed and constructed by Raphael Ickler.



Defakto watches are available with black or white dials, the watchcases come in several material- or surface variations. If fluorescence is used on the dials we only use non-poisinous, non-radioactive Superluminova made by the swiss company Tritec. Some  watches are available without the logo. Every watch is customizable, tell us about your ideas.


New: Vektor Stainless steel, polished and brushed


The Defakto Vektor offers a retro-futuristic design which is carried by a konvex dial that is followed by manually bended hands and a highly anti-reflective plexiglas sphere. The finely drawn indexation and the rounded, thin hands with similar sized, disc like hearts make up the modern, puristic character.


39mm three hand watch with automatic Japan made Miyota 9015


New: Vektor Stainless steel, polished and brushed


The unisex Defakto Vektor builds a bridge and shifts from classical 50s worlds to modern minimal design aesthetics. Available in white and black dialed versions. The Vektor offers a highly reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement that allows a flat construction of its watchcase.


39mm three hand watch with automatic Japan made Miyota 9015



Kinetik stainless steel/pvd, brushed


The integrated minimalist design of the Defakto Kinetik has the aim to visually emphasize the interaction of transiting watch hands. The idea was to create an automatic watch that constantly generates repeating kinetic constellations. Available in raw, brushed stainless steel and black pvd.


Three-hand automatic watch, Swiss made ETA 2824 movement


Akkord Modular bronze/stainless steel/pvd, brushed


The German Design Award awarded Defakto Akkord Modular comes in two varieties, one with stainless steel central case and one with bronze. Both feature black PVD bezel and crown. The semi-coarse brushing gives them a subtle texture - the contrasting materials play off of the stark dial, for a modern and sophisticated look.


Two-hand automatic watch, Swiss made ETA 2824 movement



Dialog stainless steel, polished


The puristic two-hand watch Defakto Dialog is characterized by its understatement aesthetics. Its flat 6.6 mm stainless steel case has a high-polished surface which gives an elegant touch to the watch. The characteristically and finely drawn indexes of the dial and its light, rounded hands give a easy to read overview of the actual time. 


Two-hand quarz watch, Swiss made Ronda 6004.D movement


Eins Modular stainless steel/pvd, brushed


The single-hand watch Defakto Eins Modular comes in two varieties, one with a brushed stainless steel central case and one with bronze, both featuring black PVD bezel and crowns. The semi-coarse brushing gives them a subtle texture Looking to the skeletonized single-hand and the 15 minute scaled dial, time finds a new deaccelerating rhythm - your pace just found determination.


One-hand automatic watch, Japan made Miyota 9015 movement






Mono stainless steel, fine sandblasted


The minimalistic one-handed watch DEFAKTO MONO comes along with a 5 minute scaled dial and an ultra flat 6.6 mm stainless steel case. All indexes have the same linewight and double their length according to the represented dimension of time at the scale of 5 minute, 15 minute and 1 hour intervals. In combination with the line-wise fitting needle-like hand this is a watch for minimalists that like the idea of understatment meeting unusual time-concepts. 


One-hand quarz watch, Swiss made Ronda 712 movement


Struktur stainless steel/pvd, fine sandblasted


The puristic three-hand watch Defakto Struktur is characterized by its minimalistic design. Its acclaimed flat 6.6 mm stainless steel wathccase surrounds the characteristically scaled dial. The finely drawn indexation are drawn with identical line-wight to achieve a pure and balanced design. The light, rounded hands add extra-character to the watch. The seperate he second extends the watch with a certain liveliness in detail.


Three-hand quarz watch, Swiss made Ronda 6004.D movement