You can assemble your individiual watch here.
500.00 EURO
including VAT plus shipping costs
Price w/o VAT: 420.17 EURO

Stainless steel case (+40,00 Euro)
Stainless steel case with PVD coating (+85,00 Euro)
black dial with logo (+0,00 Euro)
black dial without logo (+25,00 Euro)
fluorescent dial without logo(+50,00 Euro)
white dial with logo (+0,00 Euro)
fluorescent dial with classic logo (+25,00 Euro)
black dial with classic logo (+0,00 Euro)
black calv skin strap (+0,00 Euro)
grey calv skin strap (+0,00 Euro)
brown calv skin strap (+0,00 Euro)
Turn off the light to see the watch glowing.
Print your individual watch, cut it and look how it fits.
NOTE: One-hand watch
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